Kindlewood Chalets

Your Four Season Hide-A-Way

Casting a fly on  the Lower Humber

Planked Salmon  By The Fire

A Scenic Drive  North

It doesn't get any better than this !!

Visitors to Kindlewood will enter via  North Sydney to Port Aux Basque by Marine Atlantic's modern super ferries or by air to Deer Lake  airport from all major centers throughout Canada   and the world.  Road traffic traveling  from Port Aux Basque east bound to Kindlewood will  drive for approximately 2 hours and take Exit 8 at Marble Mountain/ Steady Brook interchange, turn left underneath the overpass and continue 3 km. east to our facility on Marble Drive and Marble Drive Extension.

Visitors arriving by air or traveling westbound from eastern and central Newfoundland will take Exit 9A, right opposite Rapid Power Sports. Then take a left turn at the ramp on to Marble Drive Extension and our sign will be visible just a few hundred  meters  westbound  from the ramp on your right!!

Drivers may want to check their gas levels prior to departing Port Aux Basque  due to long stretches where service stations are rare till you get to Corner Brook. Driving at  night poses a challenge from the ever present moose population and we cannot  over emphasize the need to be diligently on the lookout and alert to this very real danger. and  we ask you to slow down at night. !!!!

Finding Your Home Away From Home



Use Google Map below to locate us and save time !!!!